Are You a Happy feet and an Instant Blogger?

Then get ready to be looted, and then don’t say ‘Mama didn’t tell!’

If travelling is in your blood and your fingers can’t help but click everything that comes your way and you love telling the world your whereabouts by updating your pictures instantaneously on your blogs, get ready to get looted!!!!

Now don’t be surprised if this suddenly looks like a live snippet from a James Bond flick because trailing with the help of your pictures has, for long, been in picture. It just could be that you were not aware for so long and inadvertently sponsoring your own disaster.

Now let’s tell you how it works!

Geotags, invented to help virtual positioning software such as Google map, Google Earth, Google search engine and host of other search engine, are the culprit.

Geotags as their primary function store the spatial information through longitudes and latitudes. With the help of these geotags, software can easily mark the location of the place image was taken at. With such information available as freely as the internet, you can imagine what mess it can get you in if they fall in wrong hands.


GeoTag Security Does That For You!

It’s What James Bond Would Want To Own

If James Bond ever wanted to not let M trace his whereabouts, the first thing he would try is GeoTag Security’.

  • The product is free to try.
  • It works like magic.
  • There is a Pro version,which ensures no image goes online with GeoTags on it, until of course you allow that.

With GeoTag Security Pro, you add even more arsenal to defend yourself from many possible accidents. Features such as ongoing protection, which regularly scan the computer for geotags and remove them, family protection under which you get 5 licenses and dedicated support from the experts get loaded with the PRO.

GeoTag Security is the Reliable Security You Need

We understand how meticulous monitoring geotags can be. Even if you turn off geotags on your GPS enabled image capturing devices, you still run the risk as your family members might have geotags on. For such conditions, we have designed GeoTag Security from the ground up to monitor all the pictures that get transferred to your PC. With PRO feature such as ongoing protection, you can rest all your worries with our software. It scans every file on your hard disk, sniffing for geotags and removes them.

Too good to be true?

Try GeoTag Security absolutely free of cost now and let actions speak louder than words.

Geotag Security is a free program that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.