Get Smart With GeoTags: Secure Your Home and Your Whereabouts

Don’t you love carrying your latest GPS enabled mobile phones and cameras around, clicking pictures with them and uploading them on social media sites?

But are you aware that such geo-tagged pictures leave a trail of your whereabouts and can be potentially harmful, possible road-maps to your home and location for thieves or stalkers to break-in?

It’s true that with every innovation, made to ease out our life, a monster is born. Technology might be smart but it always leaves room for people to misuse the power it endows.

Geotags are no exceptions!

Invented to help people as well search engines to sort out images on the basis of spatial location, geo-tags have become a potential threat to your safety and a trail of your whereabouts.

Imagine yourself holidaying in France and posting the latest pictures on your blog, which already has one beautiful picture of your home and a nice poem you wrote for it. While you might have several ‘Likes’ and comments on these posts, people who have other intentions see that as a clear heads up that your home is alone and they can break in.

What are the possible fixes?

Turning off geo tagging in your phones or cameras is definitely one way of fixing the potentially lethal situation, however doing it is not too easy. One needs to know where exactly the settings are. Doing this could be novices’ nightmare. Even if ‘settings’ pass the noob-test, what about the old pictures that are already online?

Moreover, when you turn off geo-tags on the image capturing devices, you can’t share spatial information even with trusted people. You have to let go of technology that indeed can make sharing and tagging pictures on the virtual globe more fun.

Therefore what you need is a powerful security software that can delete geo tags from the pictures and ensure that you don’t have to switch the feature off on the mobile phone or the camera. With Geotag Security you can keep a check on geo-tags and ensure that all the pictures on the computer have no geo-tags for others to misuse. The software is a freeware and can ensure that the moment you upload any picture with geotags, the tags are removed.

Geotag Security is a free program that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.