How You make Spying On Yourself Easy

Don’t be surprised if you get blamed for helping people spying on you and tracking your travelling habits by leaving trails and maps!

Because in reality, you are doing this if you have a GPS enabled camera.

GPS Enabled Mobile Phones Embed Location’s Information in Your Images

Don’t you love your new GPS enabled phone that tells you precisely where you are and helps you find way when lost.

But do you know that these GPS enabled devices store geo tags for every image you capture through them and leave trails for people who may want to follow you or stay updated of your current location?

Most GPS enabled image capturing devices, be it the mobile phones or cameras, embed geo-tags in the images captured on them. Geo-tags are spatial information of the place an image is captured at.

With geo tags, one can easily track down locations and if there is a pattern, identify your travelling habits or get a clear idea of your current location; clearly leaving your isolated home or other properties vulnerable to theft or damage.

The Bane of One Click Publishing

In blogosphere , real time blogging has become the latest craze. Ever since Facebook and Twitter started, people love to tell the world what they are doing. With camera phones and GPRS, uploading real time pictures has become even easier. You click and upload, as easily as drinking nice smoothies.

Just as how quickly you upload your current picture, you leave information about your current location; giving a heads up to those with other intentions than just browse your pictures.

To help avoid all this, we suggest you use a freeware called ‘GeoTag Security’. Built from the ground up to ensure that no geotags get uploaded on social networking sites or anywhere on the internet, GeoTag Security detects and deletes all the geo tags from your images on the hard disk. It however doesn’t do everything on its own. You can leave out images you want to carry geo tags.

As most times, people click you than you clicking yourself, it is crucial that you spread information about such freeware. Let your colleagues and friends know about ‘GeoTag Security’ such that they don’t end up tagging your picture with geo-tags on them and undoing your wish to hide your location.

Geotag Security is a free program that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.