Sharing photos with location data might be a threat to your security. Read those articles to learn more about EXIF data in photos, geotags, and how you can remove them from your photos.

We know What You Did Last Summer?

While we are in no mood to pull off a light one on you, we want to share a common mistake that most travelling enthusiasts and bloggers commit.

Using GeoTags Judiciously

Isn’t this super cool that with geo-tags you can tag your images on the globe in few clicks? Think of this advantage as a businessman.

Geotags aren’t That Bad

Geotags aren’t that bad – if you know what you are doing.

They are great if you want to showcase your latest trip to your friends and family. In a private album.

Protect Your Car from Theft

Your vehicle is parked just outside your home, its safe right? The answer is simple. No your vehicle is not safe, even if it is right outside your window.