Using GeoTags Judiciously

Isn’t this super cool that with geo-tags you can tag your images on the globe in few clicks? Think of this advantage as a businessman. People around the world can see where your business operates. Platforms such as Google’s Earth can mark your location precisely to every longitude and latitude. Google’s search engine can use geo-tags to suggest your business to people searching in your area and Google Maps can pin point your precise location.

Considering so many benefits, aren’t Geo-tags the best thing to happen for your business? Right!


Life definitely gets a lot better with geo-tags however a little careless on your part can convert this convenience into a nightmare.

Keep in mind, information on net, until restricted, is visible for all. For those ambushing, geo-tags can leave important trails, precise locations and even a fair idea of your travelling habits; leaving your property vulnerable to unfortunate accidents.

Extracting Mileage from Geo-Tags without Compromising on Security

The key to using geo-tags lies in striking the right balance between what information needs to be displayed and shared with online platforms and what not.

  • Business location: This definitely should be shared. Sharing geo-tags help search engines and globe tagging platforms to display your business and help people search according to their locations or even locate your address graphically. Try uploading few pictures of your workplace and tag them on Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • Service area: Try uploading pictures of areas that your business operates in. This can increase your visibility and leave a clear indication that you offer service in those areas.
  • Personal address: AVOID using geo-tags for your home. You do not want to tell the world that you are not available at your home during work hours and at the same time leave your exact address as well.

Therefore once you have uploaded your business pictures, you can try GeoTag Security. It’s a freeware and can be downloaded with a single click. Using GeoTag Security can ensure that all pictures, except the ones that you want to carry GeoTags, do not carry geo tags. GeoTag Security ensures that there are no pictures with geo tags on your hard-disk. It detects geo tags all over the hard disk and with authorisation, deletes them too. Whats more, the software is absolutely free of cost.

Geotag Security is a free program that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.