Top Reasons Why You Need GeoTag Security PRO

GeoTag Security is a powerful software built to save you from the many hazards that geotags can unleash on you. Right from deleting geotags from image folders to ensuring that every new image is scanned for unsecured geotags, GeoTag Security Pro provides an ongoing protection for as many as 5 different PCs at the price of one.

To make protection even more convenient, Pro users enjoy a dedicated customer service through email.

Get Responsible Towards Yourself

Blame it on the latest ‘pictures-say-it-all’ social media phenomenon, people love uploading most current pictures, without realizing the amount of risk they make themselves vulnerable to.

Embed in these pictures are geotags, if the pictures have been captured through a GPS enabled device. With these geotags and pictures’ title people who want to track your where about can do that, easily.

Here is how

You go to drop your kid to school and one fine morning when the weather is at its best, you take out your latest GPS enabled phone and pick your darling in arms to rub cheeks and capture that perfect smile on her face.

Next thing, you launch your blog and upload the picture while you see your little one walking towards the school gate and in. What you don’t realize is this:

  • With this latest picture you sent out a major routine out in the open, people now know that you drop your little one at a certain time
  • With geotags, people can know which school your little one goes to.
  • Most unfortunately for you, they can assess what time your home is empty and most easily broken into.

Geotags are longitudinal and latitudinal values of the place an image is captured and can help people track your whereabouts, your routine and places you frequent.

What you need in this case is our software: GeoTag Security PRO.

  • It removes geotags from all the images of the selected folder.
  • It offers ongoing security. You won’t have to keep selecting the folder and scanning them. The software does it automatically.
  • It offers 5 licenses for the price of one. We understand that monitoring pictures of all your family members is essential in providing true security.
  • It offers dedicated customer service for any question you might have.

So if you ready to get more responsible towards yourself, simply download a free copy of GeoTag Security and update it for the PRO features when you are ready.

Geotag Security is a free program that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.