Strip EXIF with Location Data from Photos with Geotag Security

When posting a photo on your favorite Social Network, online photo gallery, or web page, you are inviting danger. Let’s face it, we all post updates with cute pictures of our kids, or snapshots while out with our friends. When we upload these photos we are telling potential predators our exact location.

Most smartphones and some cameras add EXIF data. Location metadata is embedded in the picture and use the same concept as GPS.

For instance, you take a picture of your child at a local park (one you take your child to often). You go home and log on to your social network and send a status update with the picture stating, “We had a great time at the park, looking forward to doing it again soon”. Although you did not use specifics as to which park, or when you would return, you still gave the predator enough information to “find” you the next time you go to the park.


The geo tag in the photo is a smart tool that allows the photo to be tagged to an exact location. Unless you know where to find and disable this function on your camera you are at risk. Finding and executing the shut off of geo tags on your camera can be tedious and is not an easy task. Even if you find the geo tag shut off and complete the task of not using it in the future, all of your previously created photos are still at risk.

Is there any solution for cleaning the existing photos from EXIF geotags?

YES, there is. Our software Geotag Security goes through all of your existing files and removes EXIF with location data. How does it accomplish this? The software checks all files in selected folders. It will remove the unwanted geotags from your computer, file by file. (Just in case your photos are in other files not just in your picture file folder). The PRO-version helps to ensure any new photos you put onto your hard drive are scanned and the geotags scrubbed immediately.

How do you get Geotag Security?

Download your copy of our software directly from this page. It’s that simple. Try it now for peace of mind in the click of a button.

Geotag Security is a free program that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.