Unknown dangers of sharing photos online and how to get protected
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    What is Geotag Security and How it Helps to Protect Your Family

    Did you know that when you share photos online, you put your privacy at stake – more then you imagine? Your photos can tell everyone who’s watching them where you live where you spend your time when there is noone home where you park your… //
  • Welcome to Geotag Security Blog

    Welcome to Geotag Security Blog

    It all started at August 11, 2010, when I first read an article in NY Times about Adam Savage who had revealed his home address by simply posting a photo of his car in front of his house – a photo with geotags. And I… //
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    We know What You Did Last Summer?

    And so do the rest of people with access to your online pictures! Surprised? While we are in no mood to pull off a light one on you, we want to share a common mistake that most travelling enthusiasts and bloggers commit. Leaving geo tags… //
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    Top Reasons Why You Need GeoTag Security PRO

    GeoTag Security is a powerful software built to save you from the many hazards that geotags can unleash on you. Right from deleting geotags from image folders to ensuring that every new image is scanned for unsecured geotags, GeoTag Security Pro provides an ongoing protection… //
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    Are You a Happy feet and an Instant Blogger?

    Then get ready to be looted, and then don’t say ‘Mama didn’t tell!’ If travelling is in your blood and your fingers can’t help but click everything that comes your way and you love telling the world your whereabouts by updating your pictures instantaneously on… //
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    How To Set Up Geotag Security PRO?

    We just did not make a software that is powerful but one that is easy to use right from the time you click on ‘Download’. GeoTag Security Pro helps you protect from possible Stalkers Spies Thefts Trailing et al As we understand that monitoring geo… //
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    Using GeoTags Judiciously

    Isn’t this super cool that with geo-tags you can tag your images on the globe in few clicks? Think of this advantage as a businessman. People around the world can see where your business operates. Platforms such as Google’s Earth can mark your location precisely… //
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    How You make Spying On Yourself Easy

    Don’t be surprised if you get blamed for helping people spying on you and tracking your travelling habits by leaving trails and maps! Because in reality, you are doing this if you have a GPS enabled camera. GPS Enabled Mobile Phones Embed Location’s Information in… //
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    How Your Friends Camera Can Sponsor a Break-In Your House

    Did you know that those picnics pictures your friends updated in Facebook and tagged you with your sparkling smile can be potentially harmful? Do you know images captured by latest GPS enabled mobile phones and cameras are roadmaps for those looking to follow you or… //
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    Get Smart With GeoTags: Secure Your Home and Your Whereabouts

    Don’t you love carrying your latest GPS enabled mobile phones and cameras around, clicking pictures with them and uploading them on social media sites? But are you aware that such geo-tagged pictures leave a trail of your whereabouts and can be potentially harmful, possible road-maps… //
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    Geotags aren’t That Bad

    Geotags aren’t that bad – if you know what you are doing. They are great if you want to showcase your latest trip to your friends and family. In a private album. // //
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    Protect Your Car from Theft

    Your vehicle is parked just outside your home, its safe right? The answer is simple. No your vehicle is not safe, even if it is right outside your window. Every time you take a picture with your camera phone or digital camera you are putting… //
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    How it works

    Geotag Security is a single purpose application. It does only thing but does it really well. Geotag Security is free Windows software that removes GPS information from photos on your computer. // //